Gorgeous Art Deco Lamps – a Beautiful Addition to Any Room

Art Deco, as a new decorative style in visual arts, appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th Century.

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It became popular during the 1920s as the mixture of many different styles and spread all around the Western Europe and the United States in the 1930s. Vivid colors of Fauvism, strong geometric shapes of Cubism, luxury details of Art Nouveau – it was all merged in the Arc Deco.

Old Art Deco lamps and chandeliers Photo Credit

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Art Deco ceiling lights Photo Credit

Comparing to previous styles, Art Deco was much more simplified. It retained the Art Nouveau tendency to emphasize the modern look. Art Deco design could be seen in a lot of art fields such as jewelry, furniture, fashion and everyday objects such as decorative lamps.

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Art Deco lamp Photo Credit

Many Art Deco artists found something inspiring in lamps. As a lightning object, a lamp was a pretty much perceptible item in space. Even when they were not in use, they had their decorative purpose. Art Deco was a lavish style. Exquisite craftsmanship and handwork were associated with various rich materials like silver, jade, obsidian, ivory, crystal, lacquered painted wood and many others, therefore every piece was luxurious and glamorous. Glass and metal were preferred materials.

Art Deco Mozzart lamp Photo Credit


A floor lamp in Art Deco style Photo Credit

Eastern culture also had its influence in Art Deco lamp design. There were a lot of exotic details related to the art style of Japan, China, India, Egypt and Persia.

Sun rays as a motif were also frequently used in Art Deco design. Shining materials in combination with sculptural elements. Art Deco artists usually created unique pieces of art.

Art Deco parrot lamp Photo Credit


Art Deco Saturn lamp Photo Credit


Art Deco woman’s silhouette lamp Photo Credit


Art Deco lamp, nude woman as a bronze base Photo Credit


Art Deco table lamp with sun ray motif Photo Credit

Art Deco lamps are refined, attractive and elegant. They are easily combined with other styles, so they can often be integrated into different types of interior. For its metallic shades, Art Deco lamps reflect modernity. Each piece is a refreshing detail which can make an immediate improvements to our rooms. Dark reds, greens, purples, whites and golds are usually combined with black.

Stained glass lamp shade featuring Art Deco design Photo Credit

Although this style slowly disappeared during World War II, it has never really gone away and it’s still present as a sort of inspiration in jewelry, lightning decoration and fashion.