The Flintstones House – It’s Almost Invisible From a Distance

Pablo García Chao CC BY-SA 3.0

The Flintstones House. There is a marvellous piece of architecture located in the north of Portugal, in the Parish of Várzea Cova, municipality of Fafe, that goes by the name of Casa do Penedo.

It’s name translates as House of the Rock in English. This unusual house stands atop a hill and it blends perfectly with the environment which makes it almost invisible from a distance.

The house’s name is due to the fact that it was built between four large boulders, integrated in the house’s foundation. They serve as the walls and ceiling of the house.

The construction of the house began in 1972 and it was finished two years later, in 1974.

It was built by a Portuguese engineer from Guimarães. The owner used it as a place for recreation in the countryside. Today, Casa do Penedo is a small museum of photos and relics from Penedo’s history.

Casa do Penedo, back view  Pablo García Chao CC BY-SA 3.0

The house is almost entirely made of stone, excluding the door, windows and roof. The interior is decorated in a rustic style.

The furniture and the narrow staircase leading to the second floor are made of wood. Each of the rooms has a different shape.

The sofa in the house is made of concrete and eucalyptus wood and it weights 350kg. There is a stone fireplace in the house, and outside is a pool carved in stone.

In the last few years Casa do Penedo has caught the attention of design and architecture enthusiasts from all around the world.

After photos of the house were released and Portuguese television made a report on the house, it has received a large number of visitors.

Casa do Penedo in the mountains of Fafe, Portugal Photo credit Pablo García Chao CC BY-SA 3.0

Unfortunately, the house was vandalized many times and the owner had to reinstall the windows more than twenty times. Now the windows are bullet proof and there are metal bars protecting them.

The front door is made of steel and weighs 400kg. There is no electricity in the house, despite the fact that it is located near a wind electricity farm.

Casa do Penedo, Serra de Fafe Pablo García Chao CC BY-SA 3.0


In the montains of Fafe, Portugal Photo credit Pablo García Chao CC BY-SA 3.0

The owner no longer inhabits the house. Due to the large number of curious tourists he could no longer use it for vacations so he turned it in a small museum.

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It is an unusual house, with an ancient look that reminds one of the famous house of the Flintstones.