Category: Medieval

Milica Sterjova

Once a part of a country house in England, the Rotherwas Room is today on display in the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College. It was initially located in Herefordshire, England in Rotherwas Court, the estate of the Bodenham family. Sir Roger Bodenham commissioned the room somewhen around 1600 and its construction was finished in […]

Verica Sitnik

Hidden tunnels and secret passages are hidden routes which sometimes lead to secret rooms or another way to exit a building. Secret passages were built in the houses of castles of individuals of high rank, such as royalty, aristocrats and the rich, including criminals. The passages and tunnels were mostly for escape, stealthy travel or the […]

Milica Sterjova

The Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a former Roman-Catholic church, that is privately owned today and it is used as a wedding chapel and a museum. The most remarkable part of the chapel is definitely its spiral staircase. The construction of the chapel began in 1873. Renowned French architect Antoine Mouly was […]