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Petra Bjelica

The Art Deco movement is one of the most popular styles of design, architecture and visual arts, and one of the first truly international movements in the history of design. It began in 1910 as a reaction of French manufacturers to the simple and clean-lined German Biedermeier style they witnessed when the president of the […]

Milica Sterjova

The Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a former Roman-Catholic church, that is privately owned today and it is used as a wedding chapel and a museum. The most remarkable part of the chapel is definitely its spiral staircase. The construction of the chapel began in 1873. Renowned French architect Antoine Mouly was […]

Katerina Bulovska

The Village des Bories is a historical site located at the entrance of Gordes, in the Vaucluse department of France. It consists of 28 dry stone structures, characteristic for the Neolithic and Bronze age. The area was once officially known as  ‘Les Savournins’, while the huts were locally called ‘Les Cabanes’ and Galic huts. The exact origin of the […]