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Phoebe James

It’s the late 1700s and King George III of Great Britain has become a regular visitor to his favorite royal seaside town on the south coast of England. His summer jaunts not only encouraged the upper classes to view sea bathing as a healthy and worthwhile pastime, they also made the port of Weymouth, in […]

Verica Sitnik

Naryn-Kala fortress: Churches and crosses are the oldest symbol of Christianity that exist, some from the most ancient of times. These buildings and icons, some many centuries old like Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, practically hum with the invisible breath of the faithful who once crossed the thresholds to pray and attend services presided over […]

Marija Georgievska

The Flintstones House. There is a marvellous piece of architecture located in the north of Portugal, in the Parish of Várzea Cova, municipality of Fafe, that goes by the name of Casa do Penedo. It’s name translates as House of the Rock in English. This unusual house stands atop a hill and it blends perfectly […]

Petra Bjelica

Petra is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites and tourist attractions in the world, full of forsaken tombs and rock-hewn temples. But, for some 600 years, it was completely forgotten and erased from Western knowledge. It wasn’t until a curious Swiss explorer disguised himself as a Bedouin in order to be taken a secret […]

Katerina Bulovska

The Roman emperors led perhaps some of the most lavish lifestyles in the city. As expected, their imperial palaces were among the most beautiful and luxurious residences on the hill. In ancient Rome, wealthy and powerful citizens enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. They built large and lavishly decorated palaces on Palatine Hill, the city’s elite neighborhood. […]

Petra Bjelica

The Dendera Temple complex is devoted to the goddess Hathor and located 60 miles south of Luxor, Egypt. Not only it is one of the best-preserved temples of its period, it is also the most elaborately decorated and the grandest. Until lately it has been one of the most accessible temples to visit and fully […]

Katerina Bulovska

Gargoyles are instantly recognizable, grotesque, carved creatures peering down from the tops of churches and cathedrals. However, their origin has nothing to do with Christianity; in fact, they are borrowed symbols that were incorporated into Christian buildings. Their history dates back to ancient, pre-Christian times when they acted as protective talismans against the powers of evil. […]

Katerina Bulovska

The Willow Pattern is a recognizable landscape design that was popular in England in the last half of the 18th and the beginning of 19th century. It developed in a period when England was fascinated by the Orient, especially with China. The blue and white decoration was characteristic of the porcelain imported from China. But since […]